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Meet Toby

Almost a month ago today, I stumbled upon an ad for a puppy for sale. I immediately img_2399thought he was very cute  oh my gosh I need this puppy  and sent the previous owner an email. Within 24 hours of that email being sent, I had a new friend named Toby.

He is a yorkie/schnauzer mix also called a snokie. As of today, he is about fifteen weeks old. That means we’re still working on potty training, but he hasn’t eaten any of my shoes– yet.

Toby is definitely growing fast; I was going to take one picture of him a day in the same position but then that never happened. Oops.


When I went home for fall break, Toby got to meet the biggest dog he had even seen: Louie. Let’s just say, one of them loved having a new friend, the other not so much. This picture was only taken because treats were involved.

Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 12.13.49 PM.png

I know this post is short, but Toby is pretty much the most interesting part of my life at the moment. I promise I’ll try to come up with something more interesting next time. There will be many stories about to him to come, if you have any puppy stories or training tips, please leave them down below!


Have a great week!

— Mac





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