Summer 2016

Happy Watermelon Day!

Hi guys,


It’s watermelon day! Here are five facts about watermelons that might surprise you!

  1. They are 92% percent water.
  2. Every part is in fact edible– including the seeds and outer green rim.
  3. There are over 200 kinds of watermelons– even blue ones!
  4. The heaviest watermelon on record weighed 268.8 pounds!
  5. They are said to have originated in Africa.



Is there anything you want to read about?

Leave suggestions down below!


— Mac



18 thoughts on “Happy Watermelon Day!

  1. Interesting watermelon facts, Mac!
    If anyone wants a fun recipe to try with their watermelon rind, check out my post on “Watermelon RInd Pickle” ! on the front page of my blog, Enchanted Canyon Kitchen. All you need is some vinegar, sugar, and watermelon rind, and the resulting “pickle” is sweet as candy!

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