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That One Time I Ran Into A Building

Hi guys! Happy August!

I’ve finished my summer class, and now i’m packing for a mini vacation to the beach. Besides that, nothing really super exciting has happened since last week. So I’m going to tell you the story about the time I hit a building– yep, with my car.

What I called, “slightly bumping into [a building]” others referred to as, “smashing into [the building]”.

I like my phrasing better.

One bright and sunshiney day in 2014, I was  told to take my sister to gymnastics. No big deal; I had done it many times, and I got my license over a year before this. We got in my car and drove to the gym. The place she was going to at the time was not too far from my house and my sister’s friends went there too.

I saw some other cars do U-turns to drop their future Olympians off, and thought, “Well that’s a really good idea. I can definitely do that too.”

I was wrong.

I pulled behind a car and followed their movements until I got to the turn, that’s where things did not go as I planned. I thought it was going to be close, but I was sure I could make it so I decided to turn really tight to the left and hope for the best. Less than five seconds later, I heard a very loud crushing noise coming from in front of my car– the gym was metal– and a few ugly words slipped from my mouth.  My sister and I were both crying at this point.

Thankfully, a family friend was there to calm me down and assure me my parents weren’t going to kill me because this was my first (and only) accident. We sent my sister inside to go to practice. I called my dad first and our phone conversation went something like this:

Me: “Daddy. . . (in between sobs) I hit a building.”
Dad: “You hit a what?!”
Me: “A building. . .”
Dad: ” . . .how did you do that? Moving forward or backward?”
Me: “Forward.” more crying
Dad: probably holding back laughter “. . . .Did you hurt anyone?”
Me: “No.” (still crying)
Dad: “Okay good. Let me talk to whoever is there with you.”

By that point, I handed the phone over. The gym’s owner had made her way outside probably to see why her building just produced a sound that was similar to a Coke can being stepped on. She knew me and my family so I proceeded apologize about a thousand times; I probably sounded like a broken record and a leaky faucet, thanks to all the crying. She assured me that it was okay, it could have happened to anyone– she lied. It takes a special kind of incoordination to hit a building moving forward and I’ve accepted that– and that she would get it fixed.  I looked at car, only a few scratches and some messed up paint.

The owner spoke to my parents shortly after the incident, the one sheet of metal I damaged 11970956761433397735Leomarc_sign_no_U_turn.svg.hiwas replaced and a new addition was added to the parking lot by the next week when I dropped my sister off again.
Needless to say, I park when I take her to gymnastics practice now and I will never live this story down.


Word of advice: Make sure you can make u-turns.
Have a great week!

— Mac


What’s your funniest driving accident?



34 thoughts on “That One Time I Ran Into A Building

  1. Great post! I got into an accident once in high school… I was driving to meet up with a guy I had a crush on… I turned into the bowling ally from the middle lane and clipped a car. Everyone was ok- so it is kind of humorous now. That date should have been a warning to me about how my relationship with that guy would go haha 🙂

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  2. lolx. hilarious story….thanks for sharing…the part i loved though was:
    “The gym’s owner had made her way outside probably to see why her building just produced a sound that was similar to a Coke can being stepped on”.
    ….couldn’t stop laughing

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  3. That was a hilarious story, and I appreciate the fact you shared it, I needed a good laugh this morning!

    I hit a yield sign, on a median, crossing six lanes of traffic in the rain, when my brakes locked up.

    I wanted to take the yield sign home as a trophy. This situation was horrible, so I tried to find the humor in it.

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  4. Your dad sounds like a fun dad hahahah! If I get a call from my daughter or son in future with the same case, I’d be controlling my laughter as well XD

    Anyway, glad to know nobody was hurt from there and you aren’t traumatized by the event that you can’t drive anymore lol. That’ll seriously be tragic!

    I have yet to meet with any accidents, hope to keep the streak up but I remember doing something stupid while taking my driving test… I went against traffic lol!
    Needless to say, got an earful from the examiner and I was frustrated like a kid who just dropped his lollipop into a nearby mud puddle but hey, a month later, I pass the re-test and got my license so that’s another win in life for me huh? 😉

    Level up for us both!

    Your pal,

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  5. OK, at least what happened in the Featured Image didn’t happen to you. Man…at least you didn’t try to reverse your car, check your mirrors, looked back, hands on the wheel, only for the bloody thing to fly forward because you put the car in drive. My old man still wouldn’t let me live that down.

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