Summer 2016

Summer Update


Quick random summer update. . .here we go.

I came home from Auburn on a Friday and started working that Monday. The last week of May, I went to a Jimmy Buffett concert and got to lay on the beach for a couple days (FINALLY).


Sadly, I ended up looking like a very confused lobster by the end.


Fast forward through June and half of July. . .


Last night, my family and i went bowling. Bowling is not a sport at i excel at, needless to say, I lost–terribly.


Yep . . .thirty three. I guess a professional bowling career is not in my future.

Sorry that this is so quick and not a lot of detail. I haven’t done anything worth writing about.

Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic week!

— Mac

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4 thoughts on “Summer Update

    1. Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it. When I’m at school, I try to post every day but right now I’m working so it’s hard to find interesting stuff to write about.

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      1. Mhmm, I understand! Well, whatever you decide to do I’ll read it. You’ve got an easy-going style and I’m always interested in other people’s lives.

        Have a good one!

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