Monday Madness

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you’re having a fantastic day.

My day has been a little boring, but honestly I’m completely okay with that. I made it to my history lecture– word of advice: do not sign up for an 8 a.m. early civilizations history lecture. Or if you do, make sure you have friends in there that will keep you awake.

After that, my other three classes went by rather quickly. I guess the coffee kicked in. When I got home, I received a package.

IMG_9963   IMG_9964

Thank you Mom, Dad, and Easter bunny!

I’ll post the results from the diabetes test later.


Oh and welcome to all the new followers!

Thank you so much for following and liking and commenting! You’re awesome.

— Mac

P.S. I updated my About Me page; let me know what you think!


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