Dear Everyone,

Our world has become more acclimated to terror and heartbreak than it ever should be.


12321397_639841012820637_6323843943012043999_nIn 2015, there were approximately 372 mass shootings in the United States. There were also the tragedies that occurred in Paris, more recently in Brussels. Not to say that these incidents are superior to any other; those are just the ones fresh on our minds.

My point is, do not pray for people of these cities just in times of sorrow.

Pray for the entire World, always.

— Mac



Pray for . . .Pictures from:






2 thoughts on “Dear Everyone,

  1. Hello…

    This post caught my eye. Nice, very thoughtful read. I could definitely get into the group hug stance. And yes, prayer is ours to give (and take), not just in time of need.

    I believe HE is always listening, loves to know we care.

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