SB 2016

Beach, please?

Things I Learned Today:

  1. The beach is rather cold in Match.
  2. When Kailey picks where to eat, you will probably get lost.
  3. Jonathan is never allowed to spray sunscreen on me ever again.
  4. Vlogging is fun.


First, let me explain.

Whenever I was checking and re-checking the weather– if you’re from Alabama you will understand– before we left this morning I did not factor in wind. The water was absolutely freezing, but the weather was not miserably hot or terribly cold so it was just slightly chilly. Thankfully I did get some sun and I had a lot of fun today.

Back to today, after laying out for a few hours, Jonathan announced that he was hungry so we decided to go find somewhere to eat lunch. Kailey suggested a place we had never heard of but decided to try it anyway. Kailey is one of my best friends from home. We met junior year of high school and  she even went on a family vacation with me last year and didn’t try to jump off the ship so I feel like we will be friends for a very long time. I should have remembered her lack of navigation skills. After she repeated her less than specific route at least three times, we were lost. Eventually our group found each other at the Shrimp Basket, so that’s where we enjoyed dinner.

Jonathan is my boyfriend of almost two years. I still can’t believe it’s been that long. Anyway, one thing you should know about him: he is a redhead. As a redhead, you would think he would be able to apply sunscreen evenly right? Yeah, me too. We are both wrong. I am flaunting a lovely red line down my right arm and a number of splotches on my legs. (-:

Number four on my list also involves Jonathan. He recently picked up the hobby of “vlogging”.

“Vlogging” is the act of documenting daily activities in a video format.

Today, I helped him shoot and other random things. His video from today should be uploaded sometime today or tomorrow, but you can watch his first video here.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Monday!



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